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About Us

About OPRO
OPRO knows a thing or two about mouthguards – around for more than 20 years, OPRO has gathered data from over 1,000,000 mouths and gained the insight and expertise needed to manufacture the best-fitting, most comfortable, and most protective mouthguard in the world. Recognised as the world's leading mouthguard brand we are proud to have longstanding partnerships with over 50 world class sporting organisations. We supply thousands of the world's foremost athletes with mouthguards each year from Rugby and hockey to MMA and boxing. 

The Process
When you purchase a mouthguard either here on our website on via any of our school or club partnerships we need to get a cast done. We have agreements in place with Orange Orthodontics at Lucky Plaza that will complete these casts for you free of charge but you are also most welcome to use your own dentist. If you use OPRO's partner the process is automatic, if you use your own dentist please collect your cast and send us an email at sales@opro.com.sg to organise the shipping.

Once a cast has been made we will express ship it to our state of the art laboratory in the UK where your mouthguard will be made for you. Each OPRO mouthguard is hand made in a 24 step process and rigorously tested to ensure you get the best fitting, most protective and most comfortable mouthguard in the world. Once the mouthguard is completed we express ship it back to Singapore. You can chose to have it sent straight to you or to our dentist partners for a fitting check. 

The process from start to finish can take up to 3 weeks but we are confident you will agree is worth the wait when you receive your OPRO and have joined the world's foremost athletes in their choice of protection.  

Get in touch today, book a Club/School visit, or purchase your custom mouthguard right here on the website.