OPRO D3O Impact Protection – OPRO Singapore

D3O Impact Protection

OPRO has joined forces with D3O, experts in impact protection and shock absorption, to bring you the ultimate mouthguard. OPRO D3O may well be the world’s thinnest mouthguard with the highest levels of protection available. A truly unique and innovative product.

D3O is a patented protective material, which absorbs more energy at the point of impact than the material typically used in the original Custom-Fit mouthguards. D3O physically changes on impact from a soft and flexible material to one that is tough, rigid and consequently, highly protective.

The use of D3O allows OPRO to offer you a revolutionary mouthguard which is around 50% thinner than the equivalent original OPRO Custom-Fit without compromising on the most important factors to you, protection and comfort.